When it rains…. it seems to blizzard!!

• While cleaning up from our recent facilities improvements, we were informed that a household member of one of our staff tested positive for COVID-19 this weekend.

• The exposed staff member was last on site on 2/19/21.

Note that our staff works in masks at all times during shifts, our space provides ample ventilation and spacing guidelines have been observed according to government guidance.

Enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols have been consistently applied throughout the pandemic.

Close contact between staff members is minimized in all possible manners.

• As you know, we have continued to operate as a curbside- and delivery-only store since the inception of the pandemic to further control and reduce close contact between individuals.

In order to ensure the health & safety of our staff & clients, we will remain closed while the entire staff is tested, to ensure that all are well and additionally, that those close to us are healthy & safe.

Pursuant to information provided by the CDC and local health authorities, the facilities will undergo additional deep cleaning and sanitizating now, and AGAIN prior to re-opening.

Please check our website www.argylemarketplace.com and social media for updates.

• STAY TUNED – We’ll be back to whipping up your favorite Argyle New Classics as soon as possible!

“The Products Offered For Sale Are Not Represented As KOSHER.”