Omni S. said:
Just had a crazy week at the hospital with our little one. Wife needed something better than hospital food so I ordered a few specials here and was pleasantly surprised. I usually don’t like diner style menus because they are so long and I feel one restaurant can possibly be good at so many different items. But it’s really classic style deli stuff here and breakfast. How many ways you can make an omelette can be 8 menu items for example. The specials changing everyday is what caught my attention. They use certain ingredients on certain days? Do they have food in season? Is this a REAL family owned place for once? The food sure tasted like it! Great chicken, seasonings, and man what a burger! Will be coming here all week until we’re discharged from the hospital! I’m not sure if the place is a consistent or if they knocked it out of the park one day lol. But I’m impressed with the meals and coming back, it tasted like something a family member (who knows their way around a kitchen) would prepare for you on a big Sunday dinner…thank you